Loudsignal Project : will be an ongoing project. The primary goal of the site will always remain, but the form and function will definitely evolve over time. The initial phase is what you see now, a very simple video collection interface. Ideas have already been written down that could take the site in a number of directions. The features and content will definititely be influenced by visitor feedback and how well the site is received. - Updated: oct 13, 2012


Original Content : As explained in the About section, Loudsignal definitely plans to have original video content covering a range of topics related to theism/atheism. The style and approach will be influenced by popular atheist videos produced by Evid3nc3, ThethinkingAtheist, QualiaSoup and TheraminTrees. Input and involvement in this video production is available for those who have skills in video editing/production, graphics, animation, music, voiceover, or research. Just send a message through Reddit or through Facebook.

Community-based : More ideas are being considered for making Loudsignal a community-based site, with a very specific purpose of bringing the best atheism/counter-theism videos to the surface. I've been working on design mockups for such an interface. Priority will be placed on not making the interface too heavy, as that would take away from the current Loudsignal appearance. More to come.

Conference Presentations : There are a lot of videos of presentations from conferences that have yet to be watched or sorted. Many of the conference presentations are aimed at existing atheists and not at the primary target visitor of this site. But there are certainly some gems out there that would fit the bill. When they are discovered, they will be added.

Debates : The usefulness of debate videos for the purpose of this site hasn't been determined. Debates can be great to watch, but they can also be quite long and boring. Perhaps select debates will be presented after getting visitor feedback.


Featured Video : The top of the frontpage will highlight one of the latest videos, perhaps a video of the day.

Improved Mobile Device Interface : Use responsive design techniques to improve the way the site displays on mobile devices.

Voting System : A system to allow (likely trusted) visitors to determine which videos are helpful or not.

Suggestion box : A better interface for visitors to make suggestions for videos, features, or topics.

Questionnaire : Specific feedback from people who have already deconverted which will help determine which direction of Loudsignal content.

More Videos link : As videos pile up on Loudsignal, there will be a need to move some videos to a separate page for each section, with a More Videos link. Then only a small collection of videos from each section will appear on the frontpage.

Social Login : This would open up many feature options, such as allowing users to checkmark the videos that they have watched.